March 12, 2019

Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

Mudeford Construction can help with all aspects of your property’s roofline. We can assist maintaining and improving existing wooden fascias and soffits, or a more popular choice is to remove old wood and replace with long life, maintenance free UPVC alternatives.

Replacement fascias, soffits and guttering will improve the appearance of your property whilst also reducing maintenance and keeping it water tight. Mudeford Construction has a reputation for professional workmanship that is of both a high standard and offers exceptional value for money.

Roofline is normally split into four main areas:


The guttering on your house is essential to carry rain water from the roof, to the drains below. Gutters often fade from years of sun, but more alarmingly they often leak which can cause water to enter you property via the cavity or through the roof. Its normally the joins that fail, but sometimes they crack or if you have older metal guttering it can corrode and leak. Replacing your old gutters with long lasting UPVC gutters is the most sensible course of action.


The downpipes on your property carry the water from the gutter to the drain or soakaway. Although failure rates are lower than gutters, they also fade in the sunshine and it is best to replace these at the same time as your guttering. 


Fascias are situated vertically under the roof edge and run horizontally around the entire roofline. Traditionally these are wooden, but unless fastidiously maintained they eventually rot through. Rotten fascias often mean collapsed or loose gutters which in turn means water ingress. Although wooden fascias can be replaced, we always recommend UPVC replacements. UPVC fascias are maintenance free and come in a choice of colours to match or contrast with your guttering.


The soffit board sits horizontally and joins the underside of the fascia board. The soffit board and fascia board join the roof to the wall in a tidy, box like enclosure.

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